Interview with BRABBU’s Brand and Design Manager Sara Lança

1. Give us a little insight of yours path until arriving to BRABBU

I started in 2011 working as a designer at Menina Design Group, to which belong brands like Boca do Lobo and DelighFULL. Through hard work, my dedication started to be noticed, and I became the Brand Manager of BRABBU in the same year and also the responsible for the UK market. In 2002, I worked as a communication designer in a British company, where I also started developing my work as freelancer product designer. Pursuing my taste for product design, I returned to Portugal in 2003, where I graduated in Industrial Design at ESAD Leiria. I was born in 1984, and also studied in Libera Università di Bolzano and in Kingston University London, where I was also a MA Assistant Teacher.

2. As a brand manager how do you keep the brand’s identity intact?

We are very aware of BRABBU’s identity and where we want to go and achieve. Therefore, everything is projected considering who we are. A force of nature, intense and fierce.

3. As a design manager, what is the source of inspiration of your team when conceptualizing a new product?

BRABBU’s design pieces have the contribution of all the members of the team, therefore when mentioning the designer of certain piece we mention as BRABBU Design Studio. Our team’s inspiration comes from different perspectives. It may come from a random dream, from a recent journey, from music or a movie, from a cultural documentary or simply because of the many things we surround us with in order to be inspired by [...]